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2015 results & round up

Well, we’ve all just about dried out and recovered now from Sunday’s show … and would like to thank each and everyone of our supporters for their generosity, support, hard work, donations and good humour!

Our small team of volunteers and all the entrants (two, three and four legged!) were just fantastic – everyone managed to keep smiling as they got wetter and wetter throughout the day.

You are all AMAZING! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

We raised over £1400 and SNDogs have some strong rehoming enquiries, so hopefully some of those dogs in the homeless parade won’t be homeless for too much longer!

Video of the day

Video production by Design Sheep

Class results

Class results are as follows – apologies for any errors, the papers were rather damp …

Perfect Pedigree
1. Harvey with Gillian Mann
2. Teddy Edward with Sue Howe
3. Archie with Karen Brown

Most Marvellous Mixed Breed
1. Suki with Fiona Chalk
2. Fred with Mr Chalk
3. Ozzy with Diane Varney

Fabulous Family
1. Wolfred & Dylan with Julia Bennett
2. Peggy and Dolly with Kitty Kaneen
3. Roddy and Siddy with Ali Keen

Bad Hair Day
1. Florence with Bianca Stacey
2. Cali with Alan from The Crown
3. Dolly with Kitty Kaneen

Radiant Rescue
1. Mylo with Rosie Reid
2. Fred with Fiona Chalk
3. Rinty with Alexia Granatt

Rears of the Year
1. Koda with Julie Porter
2. Bertie with Victoria Parminter
3. Errol with Abigail Kimber

Worst ASBO Dog
1. Lottie with Suzanne Driscoll
2. Ellie May with Mark Sandford
3. Maggie with Charlie Goldsmith

Best Brace
1. Flo and Seven with Sarah Woods
2. Sam and Jack with Mrs H Curtis
3.Roddy and Siddy with Ali Keen.

Sensational Senior
1. Flo with Sarah Woods
2. Merlin with Joyce Brown
3. Martha with Debbi Burch

Puppy Love
Joint first Dachsie with Mia Demarco and Heartley with Jo Wenham
2. Rudi with ? Foster
3. Ody with Zoë Sharrock

1. Mikey from SNDogs
2. Fly with Ann Brown
3. Buzz with Kathleen Spinks.

Best of the Rest
1. Pixel with Rosie Reid
2. Kester with Claire (SNDogs)
3. Freddy with Mr Curtis.

Best in Show Mikey from SNDogs, Reserve BIS Mylo with Rosie Reid.

Fastest Fun Run
1. Skittle with Jessica Mitchell
2. Pixel with Rosie Reid.

Eleven legged race – The Brown Family

See you all next year …? 🙂