Palmer's Field, Farm Lane, Aldbourne, Wiltshire SN8 2DS
Raising funds for animal rescues & village projects

2016 results & round up

Drumroll please …. we are VERY pleased to announce that you lovely people raised £1700!!! We are giving small donations to the 5 other rescues in attendance, and then the Aldbourne Heritage Centre and Forever Hounds Trust will receive £800 each!


Perfect Pedigree

1st. Daniel Silvanus
2nd. Poppie Net
3rd. Hamish Edmonds

Marvellous Mixed Breed

1st. Freddie SNDogs
2nd. Bailey Ryklova
3rd. Eric Webb

Fabulous Family

1st. Purdey, Toby and Sarsen Preston
2nd. Sweep and Sasha Bright
3rd. Princess, Buddy and Pebbles Keen

Radiant Rescue

1st. Pablo Dowley
2nd. Meg Spreadbury
3rd. Rufus Townsend

Bad Hair Day

1st. Rags Lewis
2nd. Gizmo SNDogs
3rd. Baily Ryklova


1st. Stanley Elkins
2nd. Cali – The Crown
3rd. Harvey Wilson

Work Companion

1st. Cap Fisher
2nd. Skittle Mitchell
3rd. Purdey, Toby & Sarsen Preston

Sensational Senior

1st. Eddi Tye
2nd. Gracie Knights-Ward
3rd. Max Richards

Puppy Love

1st. Sooki Steadman
2nd. Blue Lewis
3rd. Ollie Digman


1st. Honey Moore
2nd. Lara &Dusty Mitchell
Gizmo SNDogs

Best of Rest

1st. Bella Lyon
2nd. Ruby Nethercot
3rd. Buster Tyson

Best in Show – Daniel Silvanus

Reserve BiS – Cap Fisher

Games & Competitions

11 Legged race – William and Delilah, Mike Robinson & Kate Dale

Find the Bone – David Silvanus

How full is my tummy? – ? Dale?

Name the Doggy – Abigail Kimber

Dog biscuits in jar – Alexia Granatt

Guess weight of sheepdog – Gary ?