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2018 Round up and Dog Show Classes – results

THANK YOU EVERYONE for your support again this year!

Somewhat challenging circumstances with the heat, but we hope everyone enjoyed the day.

2018 Dog Show classes – RESULTS

Perfect Pedigree

1st – Solo (Didi Verdina)

2nd – Giselle (Julie Bliss)

3rd Misty (Natalie Lyons)

Most Marvellous Mixed Breed

1st – Joey (MichaelSouthouse)

2nd – Chip (Fiona Chalk)

3rd – Bertie (Helen Baker)

Fabulous Family

1st – Rags, Nellie & Sadie (Alun & Lois Lewis)

2nd – Jack & Stan (Phil)

3rd – Misty, Roxy & Binky (Natalie Lyons)

Radiant Rescue

1st – Archie (Robert Allbright)

2nd – Skip (Joyce Brown)

3rd – Prue ( Barbara Oldham)

Most Appealing Eyes

1st – Jinny (Liz Morris)

2nd – Bella (Mandy Haines)

3rd – Doris (Frankie Watts)

Naughtiest ASBO

1st – Alice (Andrew Davies)

2nd – Maisie (Charlotte Offley)

3rd – Suki (Michael Steadman)

Fancy Dress

1st – Grace (Clare Charlton)

2nd – Nutmeg (Camilla Harharaly)

3rd – Lulu (Alexi)

Black Beauty

1st – Gracie (Andrew Davies)

2nd Bugsy (Summer)

3rd – Topaz (Julie Biggs)

Local Work Companion

1st – Topaz (Julie Biggs)

2nd – Fly (Ann Brown)

3rd – Dougie (Richard Colgate)

Eleven-Legged Race

1st – Winston & Basil (Kirsty & Emma)

2nd – Joey & Tag (Michael)

3rd – Luna & River (SNDogs)

Very Vintage

1st – Lisa (Jessie)

2nd – Margaret (Andy Sutton)

3rd – Roo (Gina)

Puppy Love

1st – Gus (Carol Hawker)

2nd – Charlie (John)

3rd – Doris (Frankie Watts)


1st – Winnie (Amy)

2nd – Truffle (Brittany)

3rd – Roo (Gina)

Best of Rest

1st – Mr Darcy (Jemma)

2nd – Despa (Tim Hill)

3rd – Luna (Jessie)

Best Sighthound

1st – Ray? (John)

2nd – Twiggy (Mandy)

3rd – Cory (SNDogs)

Best Trick

1st – Elsie (Vicky Lowe)

2nd – Prue

3rd – Slinky (Nancy)

Best in Show – Solo

Reserve Best in Show – Ginny